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Check forgery, prescription forgery and the production of false identification cards are some of the most common forgery crimes. Forgery can be explained as fraudulent transactions made by writing, drawing or altering documents with the intent to defraud.

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Defense of Forgery Crimes

Items of value that are subject to forgery are documents that convey real property such as land, houses, vehicles and other items of value. Checks and wills are other documents that are frequently altered or manipulated.

Forgery is also often used in wrongful termination cases. This crime is also considered identity theft. While every form of forgery is considered a crime, it is usually prosecutable when it involves substantial amounts of money. Other actions taken against offenders could come in the form of a civil suit.

Prescription forgery is typically charged when a person uses or presents a forged prescription at a pharmacy in an attempt to illegally acquire drugs for either personal use or resale. There are many different ways forgery can occur: prescription pads can be stolen and used to obtain drugs, legitimate prescriptions can be altered to increase the amount prescribed, or a person can go to multiple doctors to obtain multiple prescriptions that can be sold or obtained for personal use.

Forgery & Fraud crimes can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony depending on the circumstances, defendant's previous record and also the amount of drugs involved. Punishment can range from a year in county jail to restitution and other costly fines. An experienced lawyer may help you in receiving alternative programs such as community service, electronic monitoring or a work release program. Frequently addiction is a situation that needs to be addressed. We have numerous experts available to address this issue if needed.

An attorney who can predict the arguments and courtroom strategies of prosecutors is a valuable asset to any person's fraud or forgery case. Contact Parnham & Associates today at (713) 224-3967. We will work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

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